Celebrating 100 years of distinguished aviation service by the men and women of the United States Coast Guard through historic aircraft restoration, public education, widely attended events and unit-based functions, all designed to recognize Coast Guard Aviation’s unique contribution to our Nation’s wellbeing.


Welcome to the Coast Guard Aviation Centennial website sponsored by the Coast Guard Aviation Association or Ancient Order of the Pterodactyl. Our 100th year celebration will be held throughout 2016 marking a century of distinguished service to the American public by the men and women, officer and enlisted, who serve as Coast Guard Aviators. Officially, the celebration will run from the birthday of CDR Elmer “Archie” Stone, CG Aviator #1 on January 22, through the CGAA Pterodactyl Roost which will be held at Mobile, AL in early October. This website is designed to inform and facilitate Centennial activities across the country.

I urge you to explore the various pages ranging from the history blog to “the store” where you can order Centennial related clothing and accessories. An activities list informs where and when local and national events will take place. Additionally, there is information on the CGAA and methods of donating funds to the organization. Two projects of particular interest are highlighted; the Phoenix Project which involves the restoration of an historic aircraft for display at the Smithsonian (Udvar-Hazy) in Washington, and the “Name Tag” Project which is an interactive fundraiser in support of Phoenix. The success of our Centennial celebration is dependent on each of us, please view the website and get involved as we honor our past and strengthen our future! Enjoy.

VADM (ret) John Currier
Ancient Albatross #23
CGAA Centennial Coordinator